Feeling Fresh

We offer a range of waxing packages for all your hair removal needs, performed by our hair removal specialists at our salon in Eastwood. Just call today for more information about our waxing packages, or book your today on 01773 609249.

Standard Waxing Treatments

The Beauty Retreat offers standard PHD body waxing for arms, legs, back and chest. Our hair removal specialists will provide a completely safe and carefree waxing experience with the most hygienic technology available.

Full Leg Wax £22.50 Half Leg Wax £15.00

Under Arm Wax £10.00 Full Arm Wax £15.00

Back or Chest Wax £20.00

Intimate Waxing Treatments

We offer the best waxing system for intimate hair removal, using the innovative Perron waxing system. This form of waxing is perfectly to suited to even the most sensitive of body areas, and our hair removal specialists have all the skills and knowledge to give you the best treatment and as little pain as possible.

  • Bikini  £12.00
  • G-String £20.00
  • Brazilian  £24.00
  • Hollywood  £25.00

Facial Waxing Treatments

Enjoy facial waxing from the finest professionals using PHD waxing, a hygienic, disposable waxing system that will effectively move hair from your chin, upper lip and around your eyebrows. To find out more about our waxing packages or to book your facial wax today, just call us on 01773 609249.

  • Lip Wax £7.50
  • Chin Wax £7.50       
  • Eyebrow Wax £7.50     
  • Eyebrow Lip & Chin £18.00